Las vegas, nevada Whales Land First-Class at Private McCarran Hangars

Las vegas, nevada Whales Land First-Class at Private McCarran Hangars

As if there weren’t enough reasons to want to be a rich Las Vegas high roller known as a ‘whale’ in industry parlance now you can add yet another: how about a personal hangar for your jet when it lands, so that you don’t have to sully yourself even witnessing the hoi polloi while the unpleasantness of bourgeois travel?

Fly Me to the Moon

If you are the sort of gambler with millions to throw around, any of the luxury that is major could be more than happy to have you land in their private jets at McCarran Overseas and at a personal hangar on the west part of the airport to boot.

A group that is select of whom fit the specified profile were recently invited to preview the elite experience and all the luxury and service it entails. Of course, for folks who have access for this degree of cash, flying in a jet that is private perhaps not be that unusual of an experience, so no doubt the high-end gambling enterprises are pulling out all the great features to create the happiest landings possible.

Maybe the advantage that is biggest of travelling any way you like like this is you totally evade the prying eyes of TSA. That is correct: no x-rays, no air-blast scanners, with no one confiscating your oversized suntan lotion or perfume bottles which you forgot to pack and put in your on-flight carry on.

Hanging Out

Among the list of outfits that run their own private hangars at McCarran are Sands Aviation (for (more…)

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