Armenian Wedding Traditions: Every Interested Detail Revealed

Armenian Wedding Traditions: Every Interested Detail Revealed

If you should be trying to follow all of the Armenian wedding traditions, you’ve got appeared in the right spot. The culture that is armenian between the many effective in preserving its rituals on the hundreds of years, and wedding festivities are no exception.

A year before the wedding date, many colorful Armenian wedding customs take place since point in fact, as soon as of this engagement, which often takes destination. Do you wish to know every thing about Armenian weddings? Let us begin with the start.

The Khosk Kap

To propose, some guy is going towards the potential bride’s household, followed by their close family relations in a party called “Khosk Kap”. Through the proposition, it’s customary to provide tea for everybody, nevertheless the drink is only able to be drunk after the earliest man regarding the bride’s household takes the proposition.

Frequently, with this meeting that is first the groom’s family members brings chocolates, Armenian cognac, plants as well as other gift suggestions for several attendees.

The Engagement Ceremony: Armenian Wedding Traditions

When you look at the following months, they often celebrate an engagement party in which the couple that is soon-to-be-married get the very very first blessing from their priest. Using this time regarding the happy few will commence to utilize the band within their right hand before the big day for which they’re going to begin to use it within their remaining hand.

Conventional Armenian weddings need that the bride’s family members will pay for the engagement ceremony whilst the groom’s family covers most of the wedding costs. Families use up to a 12 months between your engagement event therefore the wedding to prepare every information completely. (more…)

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